Kitchen Extension Planning Advice

Kitchen Extension Planning Advice One of the more common requests from our clients is the need for a larger kitchen. Many of the houses we work on our three-bedroom semi-detached houses which generally have small galley kitchens. Typically which are tight and usually dark, they have one entrance into them and they can be [...]

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How To Add A Bedroom To Your Home

How To Add an extra bedroom to your home Improve your home and add value by adding an extra bedroom by converting your garage, converting your loft or building an extension. The need for an extra bedroom is high on the agenda for many home owners, whether it is for a growing family, a [...]

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Fluent team up with local charity

Elmbridge Rentstart are a local charity housing and supporting local homeless people. Working with the local community and landlords, each year they house around 150 local people and support them to move on with their lives. Fluent ADS are extremely privileged to be working in support of this great charity and have many projects [...]

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How long will it take to extend my home?

Every project is different and there are so many factors which determine this.  A long-complicated planning process can add months to a build which is why it is important to use an architect or designer that has a good track record with the local authority. Neighbours not being onboard can draw out the planning [...]

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Computer Generated images – The benefits of 3d visualisations

Computer generated 3d images can be a great way to visualise your new home or extensions, they can bring a 2d plan to life and help you fully understand the plans. Having CGI’s produced for your home extension isn’t required for a planning application and if you fully understand your designs then it may [...]

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Does a two storey extension need to comply with Building Regulations?

Most building work needs to comply with Building Regulations. Some outbuildings will not if they are under a certain size and internal works to the house will not need Building Control approval if there are no structural changes involved.  All extensions will need to comply with Building regulations and need to be signed off [...]

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How big can my two storey extension be?

The size of a two storey extension will be dependent on its location and what type of planning permission you require. As described above the only location for a double storey extension on your house without the need for planning approval is on the rear.  We have however worked with several clients that were [...]

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Do you need planning permission for double storey extension?

In theory you do not need planning permission for a double storey extension, however there are a lot of factors that complicate this process.  To be able to build a double storey extension without planning permission you will have to do so under Permitted Development. This means that you must comply with the guidelines [...]

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Can you put an extension on a new build?

Buying or living in a new build house does not mean that you cannot extend the property. Often when planning permission is granted for a new build house, then the permitted development rights are removed from the property. This means that any extension would need to be applied for under a house holder planning [...]

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Can you extend a house that has already been extended?

There is no set amount of extensions that you can do. Some houses may have been extended multiple times in the past until there is nowhere else that could be extended. If your house already has an extension, it is possible to make this extension larger by extending it further or demolishing it and [...]

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