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  • Hip to Gable & Dormer loft conversion

    Hip to Gable loft conversion

    If your property currently has a hipped roof it will have three slopped sides, as shown in the existing property image. Altering the roof to a gable will mean that the side roof is removed, the side wall will be extended up to create a tringle and then the ridge of the roof will be extended over to the new gable, as shown in the image.

    A hip to gable conversion is usually the best way of maximizing the additional space, it can also prove the most attractive externally, as with considered material choices it can blend seamlessly into the original property giving the impression it has always been part of the building.

    The construction method with this type of loft conversion is however more complicated than installing a side facing dormer and the build cost is therefore typically 20% more.

    Dormer loft conversion

    If your property already benefits from having a front or side gable, then a rear or side dormer is the most common type of loft conversion for your property type. With a simple construction method, it can be completed at a reasonable price.

    As shown in the image, a dormer will protrude from either the side or rear of the roof. It is square or rectangle in shape and usually has a box like flat roof.  

    Dormers can be a small discreet addition to your property or can run the length of roof. The greater the size of the dormer the more head room and useable space is created.

    Considering the materials used for the external dormer such as guttering, cladding/brick and tiles will improve the aesthetics allowing it to blend into the existing property.


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