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    Loft Conversion Types

    Converting your loft is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of adding a room to your property.  Our Fluent designers offer a creative approach to ensure your space is maximised to its full potential whilst considering planning regulations.

    In most cases a loft conversion can be completed under permitted development planning guidelines, which gives the designers more scope on the size and look of the dormer.  It also means the approval process will be a fairly straightforward.

    Building Regulation guidelines state that a minimum head height of 2 meters internally is required for all loft conversions.  If your property does not meet this standard, other options such a lowering the floor can be explored. During your onsite consultation our designers will take a measurement of your loft height and advise on the best possible option.

    The type of loft conversion will depend on your property roof line, what you would like to achieve and your budget.  We have listed a few options below to provide an overview.

    Click there to view some typical Loft Conversion projects

    Why choose Fluent ADS

    • Free no obligation consultation with an experienced designer
    • Quality plans
    • Experienced Designers and Expert advise
    • High planning approval success rate
    • Quick turnaround time

    Planning and Design Service from £825 + VAT


    • Full measured survey
    • Revisions to plans
    • Expert planning advise
    • Submittal to the local authority
    • Site plans, existing and proposed floor plans and elevations

    Building Regulation Service from £650 + VAT

    “Great service. Competitive price. Dealt mainly with Tom for the technical aspects but did meet Neville when we came for a site visit and Gemma was great on the phone and via email, very informative and knowledgeable and effectively kept me updated on the process.”

    Laura, Egham

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